How We Learn

At BDS, “good enough” is not acceptable. We believe children deserve the best education possible – one that is enjoyable and immersive. The foundation of our learning relies on positive mindsets and strength identification. For others, classroom management is mostly achieved through negative reinforcement, which as a result, hinders the student’s confidence and ability to be socially comfortable. Ensuring the success of our students means the modern-day school must strive to identify the strengths of its students. For BDS, we understand there are many types of learners and utilize a variety of teaching styles to enrich the learning experience. 

Benedict Day School is a...

Conceptual Units

Conceptual units allow the students to delve into topics and subjects that are often overlooked and discarded in traditional school settings because they would have no detectable impact on standardized testing. We believe our conceptual units program provides our students with the ability to amass and connect information from a variety of events and sources in order to create a holistic view of their world. Each month, the conceptual unit changes and students are immersed in a whole new section of the world in which we live. 

Conceptual Calendar

Conceptual Theme: Around the World
Unit 1: New York, Washington D.C., Chicago, & Los Angeles: August 10-September 9
Unit 2: Central and South America: September 11-October 6
Unit 3: Western and Southern Europe: October 9-November 3
Unit 4: Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, & Russia: November 14-December 16
Unit 5: China, Japan, & Korea: January 4-February 2
Unit 6: India: February 5-March 1
Unit 7: Africa: March 4-April 5
Unit 8: Australia & New Zealand: April 8-May 3
Unit 9: Bermuda, Bahamas, Hawai’i: May 6-May 23
  • Conceptual Units range from Entrepreneurship and Marketing to Zoology and Architecture. 
  • At BDS parents play a large role in decorating each unit that the children study. Parents create hallways to serve as teaching tools as well as create visual interest and excitement. 

Technology at BDS

At Benedict Day School, we believe technological immersion is extremely important. With technology rapidly growing and being a staple in our day to day activities, we believe it is essential for our students to have a high degree of technological fluency. That’s why we created a state-of-the-art Virtual Reality Lab that allows for hands-on learning. Through this, we are able to inspire students to become builders, programmers, designers, artists, storytellers, and creative thinkers. 

Technology at BDS

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