Our Community

Our Parents

We believe parent involvement is not only critical to the success of our school, but also directly linked to the success of our children. That’s why we ask our parents to volunteer at least two hours of their time during the school year, which can be in the form of lending your time, talent, or treasure.

Benedict Day School has exceeded our expectations in every way. BDS has the uncanny ability to be small enough to know everyone by name and the resources to focus on each student’s strengths and weaknesses to maximize their potential. We feel fortunate to have our children here!
Wright & Anna Lauten

BAP - Benedict Association of Parents

“When my husband and I moved to Hattiesburg, we toured all of the schools in the area. We were blown away by the unique culture of creative hands-on learning at Benedict Day School. From the hallway to the conceptual units, the culture was one that promoted critical thinking in a fun and engaging way! Now that I am a parent of BDS students, I love the opportunity to learn alongside my children. Even though my children are in different grades, we are able to talk as a family about the current unit, artist, and composer. Benedict has truly been an extension of home for my children. The staff are extremely accessible and helpful. The culture is full of creativity and excitement. Benedict is instilling a lifelong love of learning and general curiosity in my children, and for those reasons, I am forever grateful.” – Susan Wiggins, BAP President, bap@benedictdayschool.com

The Benedict Association of Parents was created in order to make each new Benedict family feel welcomed and to ease the transition. The association fosters and advocates partnership and unification among parents, faculty, and students by facilitating and empowering families to aid and serve the school and community. To contact BAP, please email BAP@benedictdayschool.com.

Our Faculty and Staff

Since our founding, BDS has attracted teachers who love to teach and students who love to learn. We have a special place in our hearts for our BDS teachers as they continuously go above and beyond to provide the best possible educational experience for each and every student. 


Jennifer Bertram
    Deleta Brewer
      Kristen Frierson
        Kaitlyn Haden
          Tyler Spruill

            Meet Our Teachers

            Jennifer Matherne
            Kindergarten Lead
              Joy Breland
              Kindergarten Lead
                Wendi Johnson
                Kindergarten Assistant
                  Tara Cooper
                  Kindergarten Assistant
                    Shelley Jackson
                    1st Grade Teacher
                      Leanne Spiers
                      1st Grade Teacher
                        Elizabeth de Lassus
                        1st Grade Assistant
                          Rebecca Albert
                          1st Grade Assistant
                            Summer Smith
                            2nd Grade Teacher
                              Audra Russell
                              2nd Grade Teacher
                                Janna Raber
                                3rd Grade Teacher: Math & Science
                                  Amanda McBride
                                  3rd Grade Teacher: ELA & Reading
                                    Lisa Ainsworth
                                    4th Grade Math/Science 6th Grade Teacher - Math
                                      Misty Bass
                                      4th Grade ELA/Reading 7th Grade Teacher - ELA
                                        Shelby Deese
                                        5th Grade Reading; Dyslexia Therapist
                                          Anna Caitlyn Johnson
                                          5th Grade ELA; Dyslexia Therapist
                                            Tyler Spruill
                                            5th & 6th Math, Pre-Algebra, Geometry, Track Coach
                                              Maya Caradine
                                              5th-7th Integrated Sciences/ Social Science; 8th Biology
                                                Robin Gibson
                                                6th Reading/ ELA; 7th US History; 8th MS Studies/ World Geography, 5th Conceptual
                                                  Amber Mooney
                                                  Algebra I
                                                    Jennifer Bertram
                                                      Lisa Ainsworth
                                                      4th Grade Math/Science 6th Grade Teacher - Math
                                                        Misty Bass
                                                        4th Grade ELA/Reading 7th Grade Teacher - ELA
                                                          Jennifer Weir
                                                          French I, French II, French Immersion K-6th grade; Tennis
                                                            Dawn Thrash
                                                            K-2 Music
                                                              Abbi Thomas
                                                              K-8 Art Teacher; Assisting in French Immersion Classes w/ J Weir
                                                                Taylor Pellegrin
                                                                4th Conceptual; 3rd-8th Music; Bible Coordinator,
                                                                  Alex Mallion
                                                                  K-8 PE; Soccer; Cross Country; Track & Field
                                                                    Lisa Holliman
                                                                    7th Conceptual; ICT Classes for 5th-8th grades once a week per class
                                                                      Alexis Broussard
                                                                      4th-6th Conceptual/ 8th Conceptual; Assisant Coach
                                                                        Anna Caitlyn Johnson
                                                                        5th Grade ELA; Dyslexia Therapist

                                                                          Our Board of Trustees

                                                                          Chair of the BoardKelly Oliver
                                                                          Vice Chair of the BoardDr. Jay Antinnes
                                                                          Board SecretaryAnna Laura Brett
                                                                          Board TreasurerDavid Oliver
                                                                          Board MemberLaura Parish
                                                                          Board MemberBen Pierce
                                                                          Board MemberRon Savell
                                                                          Board MemberBen Snow
                                                                          Board MemberJoseph Thrash

                                                                          Alumni Spotlight