Our Story

Our History

It all started with a few parents, a two-room office building, and seven students. Our founder, Kelly Oliver, a teacher herself, felt that there was a special, individualized way to educate children. She wanted to connect children to the world around them in a deeper, more meaningful way and with great purpose. With her passion for education, Kelly’s instinct was reinforced with the creation of Benedict Day School as she saw children blossom into their potential and discover true love and passion for learning.

We Give Education A Whole New Meaning

At Benedict Day School, our students thrive on:

  • Turning aspirations into reality
  • Dynamic learning opportunities 
  • Connecting through knowledge 
  • Positive reinforcement 
  • A foundation built on trust 
  • Enriched teaching and learning styles

Frequently Asked Questions

While Benedict Day School is rooted in Christian values, it is not affiliated with any specific denomination or church. We accept students from all beliefs.

At Benedict Day School, we recognize many families have busy schedules. That’s why we offer a number of flexible volunteer opportunities to work with your schedule. 

From field trips to clubs and competitive athletics, we offer a variety of opportunities for our students to learn and grow outside of the classroom. 

BDS graduates are highly recruited by local high schools and boarding schools across the country. 100% of BDS graduates are accepted to their first school of choice. For a complete list of high schools, contact our Admission Office.

Who We Are

While rooted in Christian values, we welcome students of every religion and belief. At BDS, we believe in inclusivity, as every child should have the opportunity to learn in a way that is most beneficial to them.

Benedict Day School is a private school serving Kindergarten through Eighth Grade located in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Rooted in Christian values, we welcome families of all different beliefs. Family involvement is essential at BDS, and we believe it is key in providing an education that is engaging, hands-on, innovative, and technology-driven. 

Who We Are

Are you ready for your child to experience education the way it should be?